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     The Office Coffee and Cake Piece

April 24/ Secretaries Day, 1996
Acrylic Medium, coffee filter, muffin paper on canvas
12" x 12"

Tues Oct 1, 1996
Acrylic Medium, coffee filter, muffin paper on canvas
12" x 12"

Exhibition View of "Food for Thought", 1996
at the J.M. Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, WI

Exhibition View of "The Office Coffee And Cake Piece", 1998
at the John G. Blank Center for the Arts, Michigan City, IN

The Office Coffee and Cake Piece

This series previews the whole office year of 1996.
Each working day presents a different coffee and muffin option.
Although this series is fictitious, the probability of such a situation at work may not be.

The ritual of having that cup of coffee is a part of many peoples lives and certainly something to look forward to. The caffeine plus the possibility of added sugar, combined with the sugar from the cake act as powerful stimulants in a mainly unstimulating work environment. It is the reward, the instant gratification one craves.
As with all stimulants, having too much can lead to dependency and may have a negative impact; hence an estimated 80% of the population could be classified as addicted to caffeine and/or sugar which may also contribute to our rather overweight population.

The approximately 250 pieces in this series emphasize the amount of time we spent each year disconnected from the things we’d rather be doing, and how the need to work interferes with the desire for pleasure.
This series also comments on how food is used, the comfort it supplies and how much desire is sublimated through food.

Many of the muffins and cakes have rather poetic names which enhance their buying appeal: like ‘Blueberry Angelfood Muffin’ or ‘Sesame Street Chocolate Cup Cake’ or ‘Fat-Free Sugar-Free Whole Wheat Peach Delight’…

On a formal level there is the circle in a square and a circle within a circle. The ever changing patterns of the coffee grounds and the placements of the muffin papers imbue each piece with a different organic dynamic.
The filters are glued to raw canvas which is stretched over painted muslim allowing the underpainting to impart each piece with a unique glow.

The pieces measure 12" x 12".